Testlifting of a control room module


Our Pre-fabricated Offshore Modular Building system FLEXMODULE is a simplified, super light-weight design of prefabricated modules which provides flexibility and versatility as it is low weight. With a rapid hook-up , it is also suitable for extensions on existing platforms or modules which the weight factor is critical. Interior design and furnishing are only limited by imagination.

With FLEXMODULE, it eliminates the need for heavy up-front analysis and calculation and most of all, time. FLEXMODULE contains a standardised and structurally self-spanning modular unit, and it can be used independent of specific project requirements related to in-place or transport loadings, blast forces and so forth.

FLEXMODULE offers tailor-made design for all your needs. In short, FLEXMODULE Offshore Modular Building system is fast, light-weight, easily modified; reuseable, replaceable and extendable.


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