Offshore modules and living quarters in tradition have been constructed based on two principles:

  • Structural columns, truss and bracing plus self-spanning external cladding
  • Stressed skin construction combining main structure and external walls

As these two principles require project-specific analysis and engineering before the start of production, therefore fast-track deliveries are difficult.

FLEXMODULE is a modular system that eliminates the need for heavy up-front analysis and engineering. The concept is based on a standardised structurally self-spanning modular unit, which can be used independent of specific project requirements related to in-place or transport loadings, blast force and so forth.

The necessary "project structure" is calculated and added on to the outside of the standardised module structure, thus enabling the production of the prefabricated modules to start immediately.

With this modular building system, the following advantages can be achieved:

  1. Fast start of production
  2. Weight efficient - with the use of quality steel such as carbon steel, stainless steel & aluminium
  3. Easy to modify, replaced and extend (Base on Client's requirements)


















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